Hotel rating Stars are an important indication in gastronomy, which allow guests an assessment, what kind of accommodation and service they can expect. Quality has been a priority in the Hotel-Restaurant Jöckel in Nieder-Moos for years, but only our guests were able to convince theirselves while visiting. Now it is also signaled to the outside that we are a perfect host. Uta Neebe, the managing director of the region “Vogelsberg-Touristik" (left), handed over the document and door sign to Stephan Jöckel, which classifies the hotel and restaurant Jöckel as a three-star hotel. This award is distributed by the Hotel and Catering Association – and the Hotel-Restaurant Jöckel fulfills all the requirements of the “German Hotel Classification".

While handing over, Uta Neebe pointed out that there were only a few things to improve in the hotel and restaurant Jöckel in order to meet the given standard. In order to obtain the classification, a prescribed number of points were necessary, but they were more than exceeded. Some examples for the targets: Whether a hair dryer or cosmetic towels are provided in the rooms, as well as shampoo or bath shoes. The room size was also an evaluation criterion. The classification applies until 2019. The six single rooms, 22 double rooms and two suites meet the standards, says Stefan Jöckel (right). In addition to the standards guests could also use the swimming pool, the sauna, infrared heat cabin or the wellness-area, which were also part of the evaluation.