Tepee village at the Vulkanpark

Do you feel like campfire romanticism or do you want to sleep like Indians? Then you are in the right place – because we are offering you six of our American Indian tents for sleeping, camping or celebrating. Our spacious tepees provide enough space for up to 15 people to sit or for six adults to sleep. One of the tepees even invites you to cook for up to 15 people in a cozy round with a comfortable fire or for grilling delicious baked bread. 

Our tepee-village is also perfect for children as a holiday home or for children’s birthday invitations. Living just like Winnetou and Old Shatterhand! Our “Vulkanpark” also offers great playing opportunities: Minigolf, beach volleyball, bouncy castles, go-kart tracks, adventure playgrounds, disc golf course, “Robbe" modell raillway and much more. On request we have children’s make-up, handicraft lessons, group games for you. 

The tepee-village in Nieder-Moos in the “Freizeitpark Vulkan” offers you a real alternative to the “normal tents." The paths from the Tepee-village to the sanitation house are short. During bad weather, the breakfast is not served in the Tepee-village but in the “Vulkanscheune” or in the cafe /bistro on the premises. But nothing will be done without an arrangement with the Indians or their chieftain! The tepees will be built in April and will be dismantled again in November, but if you want to live in a teepee during the winter, please contact us!