Beef broth with bone marrow dumplings, beef broth with royale (“Eierstich”), broccoli soup, soup with strips of pancake, soup with Swabian raviolis, minestrone (clear vegetable soup)

Different meat variations

Roast pork, smoked pork chop, braised beef, beef roulades, crispy roast, roast tenderloin of pork, turkey escalope, venison roast, roast of heathland sheep, pork schnitzel, Cordon Bleu, roast of fawn.

Additional suggestions

Beef tongue, “Sauerbraten”, turkey breast stuffed with broccoli, duck breast in orange sauce, pork cutlets in paprika cream sauce, “Rehragout” with cranberries, heath sheep goulash in pot with bacon beans.

Various supplements

Croquettes, potato dumplings, Duchess potatoes, baked noodles, potato gratin, egg noodles, rice, rösti

Included in all menus

Salad plate of the season, Colorful vegetable platter


Ice cream with fresh raspberries / chocolate / cherries / blueberries, mousse au chocolat with vanilla ice cream and cream, mousse au mango covered with cream and fresh fruit, ice-cream-pyramid.

Depending on the season

Fresh strawberries with vanilla ice cream and cream, cinnamon ice-cream with hot cherries or plums and cream.