Dear guests! We would like to extend a warm welcome to you and invite you to plan your unforgettable celebration with us. On the following pages, you will find a selection of starters, soups, meat, side dishes and desserts. Our goal is to create a very individual buffet according to your wishes. If you miss a certain dish, do not be afraid to ask us – we try to make everything possible. Furthermore, our house offers everything else you need for your perfect family celebration, birthday, wedding, baptism or any other kind of celebration.

We also offer: location up to 220 persons in a fantastic site, service staff, dishwashing machine, dishwashing / washing service, refrigerator / toilet wagons, tables (round & square) / banquet chairs, tablecloths, fair suites, decorations, candle holders, kitchen appliances, pavilions as well as tents and much more!


Grilled shrimps, chicken skewers in the glass, melon with ham, grilled seasonal vegetables in the glass, Italian ham on melon slices, Italian salami and ham plate, seasonal mixed salad, cheese platter (various cuts and soft cheese), sausage plate, fish plate, “Handkäs mit Musik” or cooked cheese, terrines and pies, shrimp cocktail.


Obazda cheese, tuna cream, garlic majonnaise, chili, tzatziki, herbal quark, sour cream, ketchup, mustard.


Stuffed peppers with fresh cheese, various olives, dried tomatoes in garlic oil, mushrooms in herbal oil, feta in herbal oil, stuffed peppers with fresh cheese.


Puff pastry, spring rolls, canapés, roastbeef with remoulade, mince skewers, chicken skewers with sour cream, ratatouille with chilli, tomato-mozzarella skewers with fresh basil.


Farmhouse bread, wheat bread, wholemeal bread and rye bread, “Partysonne”, flatbread, French baguette, party bread.

Vegetarian / Vegan

Vegetable potatoes with herbs or salad with vinegar / oil, pan-fried vegetables with curry rice, cauliflower-cheese-medallion, spring rolls, vegetable platter, salad platters.


Coleslaw, tomato salad, leaf salad, lettuce, carrot salad, cucumber salad, egg salad, noodle salad, leek salad, “Teufelsalat”, waldorf salad, potato salad, tortellini salad, herring salad, seafood salad, celery salad.


Yogurt dressing, vinegar and oil, raspberry dressing, honey mustard dressing, balsamico


Beef soup, gyros soup, semolina soup, vegetable soup, asparagus soup, terrines and stews, “Markklößchensuppe”, broccoli soup, minestrone and many more.

Side dishes

Potatoes, potato dumplings, french fries, croquettes, spaetzle, rice / risotto, any kind of noodles, gnocchi, couscous, baked noodles.


Broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage, Brussels sprout, bacon beans, peas, carrots, asparagus, salsify, mediterranean pan-fried vegetables, ratatouille, zucchini, fennel and much more.


Cream cake, red berries, fresh waffles with ice cream, fresh crêpes, Bavarian cream, chocolate cream, vanilla cream, strawberry cream, lemon cream, crème brulee, jelly, various cream puddings, tiramisu, little cakes with hot raspberries or chocolates, cream with raspberries, various mousses, various ice creams, cakes and tarts.


Pork dishes

Pork fillet stuffed with spinach & mozzarella, pork medallion "Nice" with mediterranean grill vegetables and chilli-tomato sauce, pork necksteak, Saltimbocca, schnitzel "Milanese style" with cheese and ham, Cordon Bleu, “Sahnegeschnetzeltes”, "Hubertus Art" with fresh mushrooms, pork loin with mushroom cream sauce, pork loin "Jäger Art".

Pork dishes

Different kinds of schnitzel, sausages, grilled pork belly, crispy roasts, party goulash, pork skewers, meatballs, roulades, chili con carne, knuckle of pork and many more.

Pork dishes

Stuffed peppers, Bavarian “Leberkäse” & “Pizzaleberkäse” or “Zwiebelfleischkäse”, cured pork in the puff pastry or bread dough, cured pork from the comb, cured pork filled with baking plums, cured pork ribs & “Frankfurt”-ribs.

Lamb Pork dishes

Pot roast, lamb grilled, lamb shank, grilled saddle of lamb, grilled lamb shank or lamb on grill (from 30 persons), lamb chop grilled with herbs brew.

Beef dishes

Roast beef with “Sauerkraut”-sauce, veal steak, beef pan with creamy cheese sauce, “Wiener Zwiebelrostbraten”, beef stew, beef goulash, beef roulade, beef steak, beef steak with pepper cream sauce, “Sauerbraten”, “Szegediner” goulash, “Tafelspitz”

Poultry dishes

Chicken roll "Florentine style", chicken escalope, chicken breast fillet in parmesan crust, chicken breast fillet in bruschetta crust, chicken breast fillet with gratinated pears and gorgonzola, chicken breast fillet "Athen" with feta cheese and fried courgettes

Poultry dishes

Chicken breast fillet “Milano”, chicken breast fillet "Rustic" with roasted onions and mushrooms, chicken pan "Asia" in coconut milk sauce and asian vegetables, turkey carrots, pork chops, Turkey Cordon Bleu, turkey breast "Gärtner Art", duck breast grilled and many more

Wild meat dishes

Wild boar grilled (from 30 people), game stew, roast wild boar, wild boar goulash, venison roast, venison ragout, venison steak with venison sauce, grilled venison, roast of heathland sheep, heathland sheep goulash, haunch of wild rabbit, saddle of wild rabbit.

From the sea

Shrimps, salmon on paprika-tarragon sauce, salmon in dill sauce or white wine sauce, cheese spinach salmon with a Riesling cream sauce, squid rings, salmon "grilled" on pepper cream sauce, pikeperch on root vegetables, pangasius fillet.